About me

A lifetime of writing summarized in a few paragraphs

I was born in 1971 and grew up in the South West of the UK. I developed a passion for writing as soon as I could hold a pen, and seemed to be naturally quite good at it – much to my surprise!

I wrote about all sorts of things as a kid, but mostly about my other passions – the countryside, animals, and horses in particular. I even managed to pick up a few childhood accolades for some of my stories. And I seemed to be able to draw a few things quite well.

In addition, with wonderful parents with highly successful academic careers – one in Zoology and the other in Botany – it was inevitable that I would become intrigued by biological sciences.

Inspired by bioscience

After school, I embarked upon a training that would enable me to become a good scientific writer – a rare profession in those days. Fascinated by biosciences of all kinds, I studied Biology and was fortunate enough to attend Oxford University, in the UK. I subsequently trained in Journalism – also in the UK. Both qualifications were undertaken with the ultimate objective of combining the two disciplines in an eventual career.

Then, I got the travel bug! I decided to explore international communications professionally and moved to the Netherlands. A country from which, I could explore the heart of Europe, and the rest of the world. Cool! I ended up staying there for 21 years! During my early years there, I began my ‘quest’ to support life science clients with high quality English text and concepting.

The diagnosis of a life-threatening form of cancer in my 20s consolidated my interest in the cutting edge of healthcare and science even further – partly because it is truly astounding, and partly because experimental medicine saved my life! And my determination to explore new and positive developments in healthcare grows whenever I encounter others with health challenges. It also highlighted how fortunate I have been to have incredible support from not only healthcare professionals, but friends and family too.

I have now been writing professionally for more than 20 years and a Freelance Specialist Copywriter for more than 15 years. During that time, I have been honored to work for some of the most amazing businesspeople, scientists, healthcare and veterinary professionals around. It has been an inspiration. Their curiosity, talent, innovation, dedication to their work, as well as their achievements, continue to be utterly mind-blowing to me.

Transformative life changes brought me back to the UK in 2018, as well as love for the beautiful region that I grew up in. I now live and work from my (very) rural home in the stunning Mendip Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), just a few miles from where I was born. I have continued to work for the same clients as before and many new ones. Developing and fully recovering from another entirely different form of serious cancer in middle-age has only intensified my interest in diagnostics, healthcare, healing, and science once again.

And more

Despite my strong interest in science, there is much beyond it in my world, and I hope this reflects in my holistic approach to writing, concepting and business. Life in all its forms evolves continually every minute of every day. That’s why capturing it in the most effective way with words and visuals is so important to me.

Alongside copywriting, I am dedicated to my horses, horse-riding and liberty; rural life; mindfulness, meditation and fitness. I am also currently training to Master Level in Reiki Healing. And then, there are cats….!